Comikey Launches Brazilian Website – News

Company adds 5 webtoon titles in Brazilian Portuguese

Comikey announced on Monday that it has launched a Brazilian Portuguese website under a new subdomain. The following webtoons are now available on the service in Brazilian Portuguese:

  • Soon-Q and Studio KHIT’s Latna Saga: A Jornada do Rei Espadachim (Latna Saga: Survival of a Sword King)
  • Parrot Kim, Tae_A, and Studio KHIT’s The Player Who Can’t Level Up: O Mestre dos Egos (The Player Who Can’t Level Up)
  • Hit Studio and Yosam’s All Gods: Epifania
  • CHACHA-KIM, Cheong-gwa, and CHOKAM’s The Broken Ring: Um Casamento Fadado ao Fracasso (The Broken Ring: This Marriage Will Fail Anyway)
  • Solddam, KONN, and Song Yi’s O Elixir do Sol (Elixir of the Sun)
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Comikey was founded in 2020, and mainly hosts manga along with other Asian comics such as webtoons and manhwa in English. The company previously released Arai Azuki and Zianazu’s Thank You, Isekai! (Isekai Arigatō) manga and Yabako Sandrovich and Daromeon‘s Kengan Omega manga in five languages. The platform officially launched in June 2021 with content from Kuaikan Manhua.

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