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This is the most charming way to set up a “table setting” episode as Kazuki and Rei have to come clean with Kyu. The two assassins have been out of work ever since they took in Miri, and the family bank account is getting tight. It might even cut into former rich boy Rei’s video game budget! The pair try to take on a few low-key surveillance assignments to bring in some dough, but COVID shuts down Miri’s daycare leaving Kazuki and Rei pulling all-nighters to try to meet their deadline. They finally get a reprieve when Miri, in an attempt to finish her homework about what her dads do for a living, goes missing and winds up in Kyu’s café with a tall glass of juice.

Viewers might be disappointed that the series returns to its status quo after all the work to get Miri into daycare. I would have preferred this episode to air next week; give us one “the boys do a job” episode before throwing them back into the exhausting life of working parents. That’s the only gripe I can muster for what is otherwise another goofy episode filled with memeable Miri faces and Kazuki absolutely losing it. The series continues to establish that, besides the whole murder-for-hire bit, Kazuki and Rei have grown into their role as parents. Kazuki has come a long way from abandoning the kitten in the box in episode one.

We also get another glimpse of the intimidating assassin that’s back in town. He first showed up at the café in episode two, but this marks the first time we’ve gotten a clear look at his face after Miri bumps right into him. He’s still an enigma, but I’d bet at least two whole donuts that he will cross The Daddies’ path in the future.

While there’s not much to speak of narratively in this episode, I want to acknowledge how consistently nice the series looks and the staff’s continued efforts to differentiate Miri from Anya. We haven’t seen anything resembling the excellent action in episode one, but the show makes up for it in the background department. I’m continually impressed by the skyscapes and the day-to-day locations in the series. Places like Miri’s classroom, the park, and Rei and Kazuki’s condo feel lived in with exceptional attention to detail. Readers have expressed mixed feelings about Miri’s relentless optimism and exhausting shenanigans, but I can’t help but be charmed by Hina Kino‘s performance. She has that giggle down pat.

While I found at least five relatable parent moments in the series, my favorite joke is Kyu lying to Miri about her dads’ jobs. The child drawing of Rei as an oil baron will live rent-free in my head for the rest of the anime season.


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