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The Manga Meat Bone is hand-made by the artisans of Seto in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture

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We’ve all seen it in anime and manga before: that giant, cylindrical chunk of meat with a white bone at the center—all but begging you to grab on and dig in. Since it looks so delicious, it’s always been a real shame that it’s purely fictional—or at least it was until now, anyway. With the Manga Meat Bone, you too can cook meat at home that looks like it was torn right off the page.

Hand-made by the artisans of Seto in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture, this ceramic bone is designed specifically to recreate the classic visual trope in all its edible glory. Simply take the bone, pack some ground beef around it, wrap it in bacon, and throw it in the oven to get a mouthwatering meal. As it is oven safe, you can also use the bone to create similar-looking bread or cakes in addition to the many possible meat dishes.

At 26 centimeters (10.2 inches) long, the Manga Meat Bone comes in two colors: pure white and more realistic ivory with darker highlights on the edges. Moreover, it is specifically designed to gain sub-surface cracks over time, making it look even more like an actual bone.

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The Manga Meat Bone retails for 5,500 yen ($43) and can be purchased on the au PAY Market, SmaSmaSweets,, Rakuten, and Yahoo Shopping.

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