Nintendo Unveils, Releases Metroid Prime Remastered Game on Switch – News

Remaster of GameCube game digitally available now, with physical copies available later

Nintendo revealed during its Nintendo Direct presentation on Wednesday that it has launched Metroid Prime Remastered, a remastered Switch version of the 2002 Metroid Prime GameCube game. The game is available now for the Nintendo eShop, and will also be available on a physical copy in the West on February 22, and in Japan on March 3.

English trailer:

Japanese trailer:

Nintendo describes the release:

Intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran receives a distress signal from a wrecked frigate in orbit around planet Tallon IV. Upon investigation, the frigate reveals itself to be a Space Pirate research vessel home to terrifying genetic experiments using the mysterious Phazon substance. There, Samus encounters her nemesis, Meta Ridley, whom she pursues to the surface of Tallon IV. It’s up to her alone to explore the planet’s interconnected regions, investigate its dark secrets, and end the intergalactic threat posed by Phazon.

Experience this critically acclaimed first-person adventure like never before with remastered visuals, audio, controls, and more.

The original Metroid Prime game launched for GameCube in 2002. The Metroid Prime 2: Echoes GameCube game followed in 2004, and the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption game debuted for Nintendo Wii in 2007. The first two main games in the series also received ports for Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo announced a Metroid Prime 4 game at E3 in 2017, but restarted its development in January 2019 at Retro Studios, Nintendo‘s American subsidiary that developed the original Metroid Prime game. Nintendo has not revealed anything about the game since that announcement.

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