Shin Kamen Rider Film’s New Trailer Reveals March 17 Debut – News

Film will screen in IMAX, 4DX, Dolby Cinemas

Toei revealed in a new trailer on Friday for Hideaki Anno‘s Shin Kamen Rider live-action film that the film will open in Japan on March 18, although it will first have a countrywide screening on March 17 at 6:00 p.m. The film will also play in IMAX, 4DX, and Dolby Cinemas.

Toei also revealed a new visual for the film, and two new cast members. Nanase Nishino will play Hachi Augment-01 and Mirai Moriyama will play Ririko’s older brother Ichirō Midorikawa.

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Katsuro Onoue is credited as associate director, with Ikki Todoroki as assistant director. Famed designers Mahiro Maeda, Ikuto Yamashita, and Yutaka Izubuchi — who have collaborated with Anno on many previous projects such as Evangelion — are the designers for the film. (Yamashita was already previously revealed as the designer of the updated Cyclone motorcycle.) Isao Tsuge is the costume designer. Taku Iwasaki (Read or Die, Jormungand, Gurren Lagann) is composing the music.

Shinichiro Shirakura is the executive producer, with Daiju Koide and Kazutoshi Wadakura credited as producers. Muneyuki Kii is credited for planning and production. Tōru Mori is the line producer, and Masanori Kawashima is the associate producer.

Sousuke Ikematsu will play Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider, while Minami Hamabe will play Ruriko Midorikawa. Other cast members include Tasuku Emoto as Hayato Ichimonji, Shinya Tsukamoto as Ririko’s father, Tōru Tezuka as Kōmori Augment-01, and Suzuki Matsuo.

Anno is directing, scripting, and producing the film. Shotaro Ishinomori is credited as the original creator.

In addition to co-writing and directing the Evangelion franchise, Anno is the writer and chief director of the Shin Godzilla film and the writer of the Shin Ultraman film.

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