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Novel to serialize in English, Chinese, Japanese starting on April 3

Bandai revealed at its Digmon Con livestream event on Sunday that it will launch the Digimon Seekers project, which will include a novel, trailers, and merchandise. The project is the final project to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise.

The staff decided on the name “Seekers” for the new project since each character in the story “will be in search of what’s important to them in the real and digital worlds.”

The novel will serialize in English, Chinese, and Japanese simultaneously on the Digimon Web website starting on April 3. The novel project will serialize for about a year.

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The story of the novel centers on Eiji Nagasumi (pictured center in above image), a 19-year-old cracker. Eiji is a lone wolf and an anti-hero, and is someone who never gives up. He meets the Digmon researcher Professor Ryusenji, and his fate and the Digital World will begin to change. Eiji’s partner Digimon is Loogamon (pictured below center), who has a wolf motif.

The story will include three groups: crackers, the DigiPolice who stop Digimon crimes, and hackers including a foil to Eiji named Leon. Leon’s partner is Pulsemon.

The first merchandise for the franchise will be a Digimon Linker arm band and a BEMEMORY Digimon Seekers Loogamon Dim card. Pre-orders are available for one-week starting on Sunday. The items will ship in May.

More trailers for the project will also release in the future.

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