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Miri’s all grown up.
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This episode feels like a continued setup for an inevitable conflict in the back half of the series, but in the meantime, Kazuki has his first parental crisis after his four-year-old daughter tells him that she hates him. Ah, memories. I can remember where I was each time one of my children first told me they hated me. It too was over something like discipline being unfair. Kazuki (and Rei, against his will) spend most of the episode spying on Miri while she’s on a school field at the zoo.

There are a lot of cute interactions as we get to see what Miri is really like without the supervision of her parents. She’s a rather responsible four-year-old, although the kids should have reported Taiga wandering off to a teacher immediately, but I can understand her motivation to make sure he has a buddy and isn’t wandering around alone. Kazuki’s role as the spurned parent was also fun, and we can tell he’s really getting into his newfound parental role. There’s also a newly resolved mystery: the character goods that Rei bought at the 398 yen store are actually characters from this universe’s version of Mario Kart.

There’s nothing really deep to discuss for this episode as it’s primarily a well-executed 20 minutes of comedy culminating in alpaca and rabbit mascots beating the crap out of a convenience store robber after he tries to steal Miri’s lunch. My favorite overall moment is Ms. Anna (daycare MVP) who you can tell talks to Kazuki the same way she does to children. Coming in a close second is every time Kazuki’s version of future Miri was on screen. I liked the subtle hint that she was arrested for shoplifting video games.

The episode ends with a short teaser as a woman named Karin enters Kyu’s café. I’m assuming at this point that she’s Kazuki’s ex and maybe she faked her death with the whole car-bomb scenario. These six episodes have been entertaining with gorgeous background art, but I think I’m finally with the rest of you where I’d like a little more hitman action.


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