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The official website for the anime of Haruki Kuō‘s Liar Liar (not related to Renjuro Kindaichi‘s Liar x Liar manga) light novel series revealed more cast members for the anime, as well as the anime’s summer premiere date on Monday.

The new cast members include:

Rika Tachibana as Noa Akizuki

©2023 久追遥希/KADOKAWA/ライアー・ライアー製作委員会

Yurika Moriyama as Tsumugi Shiina

©2023 久追遥希/KADOKAWA/ライアー・ライアー製作委員会

Houko Kuwashima as Natsume Ichinose

©2023 久追遥希/KADOKAWA/ライアー・ライアー製作委員会

Hibiku Yamamura as Ami Kagaya

©2023 久追遥希/KADOKAWA/ライアー・ライアー製作委員会

Momoko Seto as Fūka Tatara

©2023 久追遥希/KADOKAWA/ライアー・ライアー製作委員会

Mai Mochizuki as Yūki Tsuji

©2023 久追遥希/KADOKAWA/ライアー・ライアー製作委員会

The previously announced cast members include:

Genta Nakamura as Hiroto Shinohara

©2023 久追遥希/KADOKAWA/ライアー・ライアー製作委員会

Yukina Shutō as Shirayuki Himeji

©2023 久追遥希/KADOKAWA/ライアー・ライアー製作委員会

Wakana Kuramochi as Sarasa Saionji

©2023 久追遥希/KADOKAWA/ライアー・ライアー製作委員会

©2023 久追遥希/KADOKAWA/ライアー・ライアー製作委員会

The “academy x mind game x romantic comedy” story is set on the “Academy” island where students battle to determine their rankings. Hiroto Shinohara earned the highest ever grade in this school’s entrance exam, the toughest in the entire country. On his first day at the school, he takes down the previous reigning queen, Sarasa Saionji, and becomes the fastest ever student to join the school’s elite “Seven Stars.”

Except, he didn’t really. It’s all a lie. Now to maintain his top ranking, he must fight these school mind games with lies and bluffs. He does whatever it takes with the help of the cute “cheat maid” Shirayuki Himeji (voiced by Miku Itō in a previous promotional video) and even Saionji (who is actually a phony herself).

Satoru Ōno and Naoki Matsuura (Girls’ Frontline episode director) are directing the anime at GEEKTOYS. Momoko Toyoda (Shadows House episode script writer) is in charge of the series scripts. Yumi Nakamura (Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku OVA 2-3 character designer) is designing the characters. Aya Aburagi is the color key artist, and Ji Woo Park is the art director. Baek Ryun Chae is the technical director, and Keisuke Yanagi is in charge of editing. Ryousuke Naya is the sound director. Kuniyuki Takahashi and Keiichi Hirokawa from MONACA are composing the music with MONACA CyberAgent as the music producer.

Kadokawa‘s MF Bunko imprint launched the novel series with art by the Kinokonomi illustrator unit member konomi in April 2019, and the 12th volume shipped in November 2022. The 13th volume will ship on March 25. Funa Yukina launched the manga adaptation in Kadokawa‘s Monthly Comc Alive magazine in August 2019, and the second compiled book volume shipped in November 2020.

Sources: Liar Liar anime’s website, Comic Natalie

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