HIDIVE Adds More English-Dubbed Episodes for Kaiji Anime – News

2nd arc’s dub debuts on February 21

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HIDIVE revealed on Tuesday that it will stream the English dub for the second arc, episodes 10-15, of the Kaiji television anime series on February 21 at 1:00 p.m. EST. HIDIVE will continue to release the English dub by story arcs.

The English cast includes:

Kyle Colby Jones is directing the English dub, and he is also writing the script with Marta Bechtol. Jonathan Rodriguez and Matt Wittmeyer are the sound engineers. Brent Marshall is in charge of mix and sound design.

HIDIVE streamed the English dub‘s first nine episodes on November 28.

The company describes the anime:

Kaiji Ito has serious issues. Not only is he a social misfit, but he’s also a deadbeat petty gambler. After he gets duped into co-signing a loan for his friend, he’s stuck owing the Yakuza millions! Things start looking up when he’s given the opportunity to win his life back by gambling with other lucky participants on a mysterious casino ship, but he quickly realizes that more than just money is at stake. Soon Kaiji and the other contestants discover the depths of human depravity when there is nothing left to lose — except their lives.

Sentai Filmworks has also licensed the Kaiji: Against All Rules anime. Sentai Filmworks released both anime on Blu-ray Disc in April 2021.

In addition to two television anime series, the manga has inspired three Japanese live-action films, a Chinese live-action film, and a reality game show.

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