NIJISANJI EN’s Vox Akuma Announces Hiatus – Interest

VTuber assures “situation is under control” and asks fans to respect his privacy


The NIJISANJI EN (English) Virtual YouTuber Vox Akuma announced on his Twitter account on Saturday that his streams will be “canceled indefinitely until further notice” after receiving “some bad news from family.” In a later tweet, he added that he is safe and that his “situation is under control,” but that he still cannot return to streaming “for some time.” He also asked fans to respect his privacy.

Vox Akuma debuted in December 2021 as part of “Luxiem,” NIJISANJI EN’s first group of male performers.

In other NIJISANJI EN news, the agency announced last Wednesday that it is temporarily suspending Zaion LanZa’s activities due to “repeated misconduct.” The agency elaborated that it warned the VTuber about compliance issues several times, but she showed “no intention to improve.” The VTuber also allegedly made “false statements during streams” and “insensitive jokes that cannot be tolerated as a NIJISANJI Liver.”

Zaion LanZa debuted last December as part of “XSOLEIL,” NIJISANJI EN’s seventh group of performers.

The NIJISANJI project launched in 2018 and is run by ANYCOLOR, Inc. (formerly Ichikara Inc.). It is one of Japan’s largest Virtual YouTuber projects, hosting over a hundred VTubers. As of May 2021, the project has expanded to three Asian countries (China/Indonesia/Korea) in their local and English languages. NIJISANJI EN launched its first group in May 2021.

Sources: Vox Akuma’s Twitter account (Link 2), NIJISANJI EN Official Twitter account

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