Shōtarō Ikenami’s Kyōkaku Manga Ends in Next Chapter – News

Manga based on Ikenami’s novel of the same title launched in 2020

© Shōtarō Ikenami, Yūsuke Ochiai, LEED Publishing

The official Twitter account of Bungeishunju‘s Comic Ran Twins magazine announced on Monday that Shōtarō Ikenami and Yūsuke Ochiai’s Kyōkaku (The Vigilante) manga will end in its next chapter in the magazine’s April issue on March 13.

Ikenami and Ochiai launched the manga in Comic Ran Twins in October 2020. LEED Publishing released the manga’s fifth compiled book volume on Monday.

The manga is based on Ikenami’s serialized novel of the same name, and centers on the historical figure Banzuiin Chōbei, an outlaw in Japan’s Edo period that fought against injustice alongside his gang of ronin.

Ikenami is the author of the Onihei Crime Reports in Edo (Onihei Hankachō) novel series. Ikenami serialized the story in Bungeishunju‘s Ōru Yomimono novel magazine from 1967 to 1989, and Bungeishunju published 19 volumes for the main story. Later paperback reprints divided the story into 24 volumes. The serialized novels inspired the first live-action television adaptation in 1969, as well as three subsequent series and a 1995 live-action film. The novels also inspired a television anime adaptation that premiered in January 2017, and streamed on Amazon Prime Video‘s now-defunct Anime Strike channel.

The Onihei novels inspired an ongoing manga adaptation by Sentarō Kubota and Takao Saito, which launched in Bungeishunju‘s Comic Ran magazine in 1993. JManga partially published the manga in North America.

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