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Voice actress Haruka Yamazaki and drummer SHiN announced on their Twitter accounts on February 5 that they have gotten married. Yamazaki also posted a video on her YouTube channel showing the couple printing out a marriage registration form at a convenience store, filling out the paperwork, and preparing for their wedding.

In the video, Yamazaki describes SHiN as “someone I respect who thinks differently from me and gives me good stimulation in both work and daily life.” She remarked that his face looks cool when he approaches his work. She also looked back on how their relationship progressed to the point of marriage. They shared many common interests, like skiing, camping, driving, video games, and reptiles. She enjoyed spending time with him, noting that he possesses endearing traits that tickle her maternal instincts while being cool and reliable on many occasions.

The couple shared plenty of wedding photos in their tweets as well:

One further tidbit they shared is that SHiN himself is casting the wedding rings, proving himself as a man of many talents.

Yamazaki is best known for her roles as Ruka Suirenji in Hayate the Combat Butler, Tomoyo Kanzaki in When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace, Haru in My Roommate is a Cat, and Mirai Kasuga in The [email protected] Million Live! SHiN is the drummer in several anime theme songs and is a supporting drummer in GRANRODEO‘s live concerts. He and Yamazaki both work on the The [email protected] Million Live! Theater Days smartphone game.

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