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Manga about secret merfolk culture launched in October 2020

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The 101st volume of Kadokawa‘s Harta magazine published the final chapter of Akihito Tomi‘s Abyss Azure no Zainin (Sinner in the seabed, or literally “The Sinner of the Azure Abyss”) manga on Wednesday. The manga’s third compiled book volume will ship on March 15.

The manga centers on a society of merfolk, 4000 meters under the sea, who are forbidden to make contact with humans, and scorn surface dwellers for tainting the sea. However, a mermaid named Jō is caught up in an incident that forces her to join forces with a human man.

Tomi launched the manga in Harta in October 2020. Kadokawa published the manga’s first and second compiled book volume in February 2022.

Tomi launched the Stravaganza – The Queen in the Iron Mask (Stravaganza: Isai no Hime) manga in Enterbrain‘s Fellows! (later Harta) magazine in 2012. The series ended in June 2017, and Kadokawa released the seventh compiled book volume in August 2018. Tomi launched the Stravaganza: Isai no Hime Gaiden spinoff mini-series in October 2017.

Udon Entertainment licensed Stravaganza – The Queen in the Iron Mask, and released the third volume in February 2020.

Source: Harta issue 101

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