Bullets Meet Chainsaws In Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Game’s Chainsaw Man Event – Interest

Game also launches PC version

One of the biggest new mobile games is teaming up with one of the biggest new anime series. Level Infinite’s Goddess of Victory: NIKKE smartphone game launched a Chainsaw Man crossover event on Wednesday, which will run from February 22 until March 14.

The title is straightforward: “BULLET X CHAINSAW.” NIKKE’s gameplay combines gacha card collecting with shooter-style gameplay, while Chainsaw Man is about a guy who can turn his head into a chainsaw. However, only girls are allowed in the world of NIKKE, it seems. Although Chainsaw Man protagonist Denji and his co-worker Aki will guide players through the event story, only the ladies are playable characters: Blood devil Power, Aki’s mentor Himeno, and their leader Makima.

The game began streaming a trailer previewing the character art:

The game also launched a PC version on Wednesday with single account login and cross-play with mobile. The game’s playing field, maps, and backgrounds have been expanded to fit the wider aspect ratios of PC monitors, along with an enhanced resolution for the 2D art.

The game launched globally on iOS and Android devices on November 4.

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