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Film premieres on Netflix worldwide on February 23

ASMIK Ace posted two movie clips from Call Me Chihiro, the live-action film adaptation of Hiroyuki Yasuda’s Chihiro-san manga on Thursday. The first clip shows Chihiro skillfully serving and talking to the male customers of the Nokonoko Bento (set lunch) store, where she works. Her older lady co-worker sarcastically comments that her good skill dealing with male customers is as expected of a former sex worker. The store manager wants to keep Chihiro’s former job a secret, but Chihiro says that almost everybody in town already knows about it (The movie clips are in Japanese without English subtitles).

The second clip shows Chihiro reading a book in a park, when a boy approaches her and pranks her with a toy snake. Chihiro admonishes the boy by grabbing his shirt and saying, “Don’t underestimate adults.” The boy fights to break free from Chihiro’s hold and finally sticks a compass to her arm.

The movie will screen in theaters in Japan, and will premiere worldwide on Netflix on February 23. Netflix Asia streamed the movie’s English subtitled trailer in December.

The film stars Kasumi Arimura (live-action movie Boku dake ga Inai Machi) as the titular character.

Other cast includes:

Rikiya Imaizumi (live-Action Hōzuki-san Chi no Aneki) directed the film and wrote the script, along with Kaori Sawai.

Yasuda launched the Chihiro-san manga in Akita Shoten‘s Elegance Eve magazine in 2013. Akita Shoten has published nine compiled book volumes of the manga since 2014. It is the sequel of Yasuda’s Chihiro manga.

Sources: ASMIK Ace’s YouTube channel (link 2), Comic Natalie, Netflix Asia’s YouTube channel

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