Episode 7 – Tomo-chan Is a Girl!

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So this episode did three things: it proved my theories from last week were correct, it provided some of the best laughs in the entire show so far, and it has definitively claimed that this is a turning point in the relationship between our two main characters. The first half was just flashbacks told from Jun’s perspective and gives us the insight that I was desperately yearning for since the show started. It seems that Jun developed feelings for Tomo ever since they were kids and maybe before he realized she wasn’t a boy. However, he’s so ashamed of his weakness that it drives him to train himself to beat Tomo out of pride. Again, a lot of what happens in the first half of this episode is stuff I already guessed last week, but it makes me wonder what exactly Jun thinks needs to happen for him to be satisfied. Plus, I wonder what Jun thinks will happen after he’s able to beat Tomo.

Then we had our time at the beach, and I can’t lie, I laughed a lot during the second half, from Misuzu’s jaded attitude to Jun’s internal screaming at his inability to process being around big boobs. I like that this episode was handled differently than the skirt segment earlier in the show when Jun was embarrassed but also barely processed what was happening. He seems to have taken so much psychic damage here that he can’t ignore everything. The question is, what happens next? Will we get more episodes of seeing things from Jun’s perspective? At what point will Tomo and Jun finally start to see things eye to eye?


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