Cover Corp Launches holoplus News, Community App in Spring – Interest

It’ll be easier than ever to keep up with your favorite hololive VTubers

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With dozens of talents performing under the hololive umbrella, keeping up with all your faves’ streams can be tricky. Fear not, however. Cover Corporation will launch the “holoplus” news and community app this spring, which promises to present the latest news about the talents in digestible snippets.

The app’s features include a toggle function, allowing users to restrict information and notifications to just their chosen talents. It also integrates with the hololive Schedule website and facilitates communication between users in a “safe” environment. All features in the app are free at launch, although Cover Corp indicated that some paid features might be added later.

Cover Corp plans to add English-language support at an unspecified date after the Japanese release.

Cover Corporation was founded in 2016, and the first generation of hololive performers debuted in 2018. Over 50 Virtual YouTubers currently belong to hololive. The talents perform using intricate 2D and 3D avatars provided by the company. Cover Corporation launched hololive Indonesia in April 2020, followed by hololive English in September 2020. The all-male holostars spinoff group debuted its first-generation talent in June 2019. The holostars English group debuted last July.

Source: Press Release via Otakomu

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