Cross Infinite World Licenses Reincarnated Villainess Won’t Seek Revenge, 2 More Light Novels – News

Company also licenses “Lovestruck Prince! I’ll Fight the Heroine for My Villainess Fiancée!”, “The Invisible Wallflower Marries an Upstart Aristocrat After Getting Dumped for Her Sister!”

Cross Infinite World announced on Monday that it has licensed three new light novel series:

© Akako, Hazuki Futaba, Mag Garden, Cross Infinite World

Title: The Reincarnated Villainess Won’t Seek Revenge
Creators: Akako (author) Hazuki Futaba (artist)
Release Date: April 28
Synopsis: After being hanged for a crime she didn’t commit, Rosemary entered the annals of history as a
villainess. So when she reincarnates as Mary with her memories intact, all she desires is a
peaceful existence. And yet she’s forced back into the world of politics against her wishes!

“Now then, dear sister, how would you like to punish those who killed you?”

Mary’s brother—who she loved so much in her past life—has undergone a terrible
transformation. Now, he seeks revenge on her behalf.

“Tell me what you desire, my lady.”

Likewise, the knight who swore allegiance to Mary in her past life makes the same vow in the
present. Despite all this, Mary doesn’t want vengeance against those who killed her. But will the
people surrounding her allow for peace?

© Shakushineko, Yukiko, Mag Garden, Cross Infinite World

Title: Lovestruck Prince! I’ll Fight the Heroine for My Villainess Fiancée!
Creators: Shakushineko (author) Yukiko (artist)
Release Date: April 28
Synopsis: When Crown Prince Vincent announces their engagement is over, Elizabeth faints. What will
become of House la Montlivere? Of her entire family? At the prince’s side, the so-called heroine
smirks. Elizabeth is doomed to a villainess’ fate… Only for the tables to turn when Vincent
suddenly calls out the heroine for her misdeeds!

Jump into the story of an ill-fated but handsome prince as he fights for his darling fiancée,
deflecting every attempt to turn her into an evildoer by any means necessary! They’ll have their
lovey-dovey happily ever after, even if it kills him!

© Makino Maebaru, Murasaki Shido, Mag Garden, Cross Infinite World

Title: The Invisible Wallflower Marries an Upstart Aristocrat After Getting Dumped for Her Sister!
Creators: Makino Maebaru (author) Murasaki Shido (artist)
Release Date: May 31
Synopsis: Iris, the daughter of a marquess, not only had her fiancé stolen by her younger sister, but she also
ended up having to marry Lord Lucas, a nouveau riche merchant who was shouldering her
family’s debts. However, this former-commoner-turned-baron’s reason for marrying her was just
to have Iris teach him and his servants how to survive in high society!

“I was told that I lack presence and that I’m like air. If someone as plain and dull as myself could
be of any use to you, I will be more than happy to help, Lord Lucas,” Iris said with complete
seriousness, throwing Lucas off guard. Will Lucas be able to resist being slowly drawn to the
dedicated Iris, who strives to support him and the people in her life? A complicated romcom that
starts with a mariage blanc begins here!

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