Michael B. Jordan Turns to Anime Inspirations for Creed III Fight Scenes – Interest

Actor Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther, gen:LOCK) has made no secret of his love for anime over the years, and a new interview with IGN shows his appreciation for the classics. When asked about his anime influences for the upcoming Creed III film, which will be his feature directorial debut, he cited the boxing-themed anime Hajime no Ippo and Megalobox. He also gave a shout out to shōnen battle series Naruto, My Hero Academia, and Dragon Ball Z.

The anime influence even extends to visual homages in specific shots. He highlighted one particular boxing match between his character and Damian which features what he described as a “Dragon Ball Z punch.”

IGN posted the full interview on its Instagram account:

Jordan has previously spoken about how anime inspired his performance in Creed II.

Creed III will open in the United States on March 3. It is the ninth installment in the Rocky film series.

Source: IGN (Logan Plant) via DiscussingFilm

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