Enjoy This NOT Life-Sized Wailord Plush – Interest

At 57 and 3/4 inches, it’s still only 1/10 the size of an actual Wailord

The Pokémon Center frequently puts out life-sized plushes of beloved Pokémon critters, although this may be one case where a life-sized plush isn’t in anyone’s best interest to own. The Pokémon Center‘s English store opened pre-orders last Friday for a whopping 57 and 3/4 inch size Wailord plush—which still measures only 1/10th the size of an actual Wailord.

Pre-orders are only open until March 13, and the plushes are expected to ship in November. Be prepared to shell out US$420 for this whale of a product.

If you’re interested in which Pokémon have gotten the life-sized plush treatment over the years, they include a giant Snorlax, a hefty Pikachu, a rideable Lapras, a very long Furret, a bouncy Spheal, and a fluffy Altaria.

Source: Pokémon Center website

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